Encourage interaction between members by asking for a “tip of the week”


For example, members of a photography forum can be encouraged to become more active if you have a “picture of the week” or ask for a critique of your images.

Keep the forum fresh, and add your own posts and responses frequently. Ask for opinions, chat about some recent news reports on your niche, and share personal

When your forum is humming along nicely, it will need some regular maintenance.
Keep an eye on the boards for any potential arguments and nip them in the bud.
Remove rude or nasty posts, and remind your members to be nice. If anyone is constantly being offensive, you can ban them for a certain time, or prevent them from posting until they cool down!

Here is how you do that. Go to the menu on the left side of your admin area, and click on “ban list”. You’ll see one of the options on the top menu is “add ban” and click on that, then complete the details of the ban you are setting up.

You have two choices at this point, if you are creating the ban in case you need it in future, you don’t have to add a trigger. However it’s more likely that you’re setting it up because it’s needed right now, so feel free to add the username or email address of the person you are banning.

To add another member to the ban list, choose “ban list” from the top menu, then select the appropriate ban, and click “modify”.

To quickly remove the ban from a member, click on “browse ban triggers”, and then select the type of trigger from the top list – ip, email address, username etc.
Tick the checkbox beside the member you’d like to “un-ban” and then click on “remove selected ban trigger”.