Just like the other customers, I have been closely monitoring AAAA battery price. I have received a very sensible suggestion just recently: for me to buy in bulk. Normally, the price range can be as low as US $ 0.50 to US $ 0.80 depending on the brand and the quantity that you want to purchase. It might seem to be a bit pricey for the size, but I have realized that it is worth every single cent that you are spending.

After all, I do not want to have a television remote control that does not function or a wall clock that does not run. In addition, here’s another realization that I have arrived at: if you want to derive the most out of it, you should opt for a rechargeable AAAA battery so that you will not have to buy new electrochemical cells every now and then.


AAAA Battery Price: The Lithium-Ion Battery Variety

The lithium-ion battery (LIB) can be considered as one of the most energy efficient battery variety because it can deliver the highest terminal electromotive force compared to other kinds of batteries, according to the studies that I have read. It is under the large umbrella of rechargeable batteries. To be specific, it was revealed to me that its mechanism relies on the flow of lithium ion through the negatively charged electrode down to the positively charged one during the process of discharge. The process of discharge, to be clear, is the time when your battery is plugged and used by your gadgets.

LIB’s are widely being used in many different consumer electronics. Despite its price, it sustains its popularity because it is truly reliable. I can attest to this fact. It has a tested reputation when it comes to length of life cycle and application to portable electronics. Its discharge rate remains one of the slowest. Aside from small gadgets, it proves to be useful even in aerospace, electric vehicles, or military applications. This means that the LIB technology still continues to expand in terms of scope and application despite the AAAA battery’s small size.


AAAA Battery Price: Justified By Charge And Discharge Mechanism?

During the process of discharging the contained energy, the lithium ions which are positively charged bring about the flow of electrons from the negatively charged electrode to the positively charged one. This is a reversible process of transferring electrons from the two electrodes. Every single time I reverse the discharging mechanism, then, I found out that I am actually recharging – no surprises there.


Indispensible Part Of Your Household

This makes my LIB units truly indispensible part of my personal household. Anytime my battery dies down, I will not need to worry because all I need to do is to put it in my charger and plug it on my electric outlet. This way, I no longer have to worry about buying AAAA batteries in bulk again and again. The rechargeable can be much pricier than the disposable ones, but it is worth every single cent that I have paid for. I have treated it as a one-time investment.


Materials Of Construction

All LIB AAAA batteries are simply smaller versions of AAA, AA, and A batteries. All of these are cylindrical and each has the following components: (1) the electrolyte, (2) the negative electrode, and (3) the positive electrode. Usually, the positive electrode is a metal oxide. The electrolyte being used in LIB are lithium salts dissolved in an organic solvent. The electrodes act as your cathode and anode and they dictate the direction of chemical reactions.

Given these, I can confidently say that despite AAAA battery price, it can still be considered as a wise investment in the long run.